Easy Conversion Tracking with Magento Commerce

Presented by David Deppner
MagentoLive Australia, February 22, 2018

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation in Magento can do amazing things to simplify the lives of digital marketers. You don't need to write custom code, modify themes, or install extensions in order to set up conversion tracking, event tracking, or A/B testing for platforms like Analytics, AdWords, Optimize, Bing Ads, or Facebook.

This session shows digital marketers how to easily configure the built-in features in Magento Commerce to accomplish their goals. We will focus on practical steps so any participant will be able to immediately implement any of these systems for a merchant, as well as understand how to apply Magento Commerce and Google Tag Manager to other situations that may come up for them.


Full instructions and screenshots to accomplish everything in this presentation are available in my blog post, Magento 2 & Google Tag Manager.

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