About Us

Small Team. Big Results.

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven online advertising and profitable growth for ecommerce merchants. We have a small but expert team with strong backgrounds in ecommerce, marketing, finance, and Magento.

David Deppner

CEO / Founder

David (aka “Psy”) launched Psyberware in 1994. As a lifelong developer with over 25 years in executive management, he can dive into everything from the technical details up through high-level strategy. He spent nearly a decade at a mid-sized Magento merchant and, in his role as the VP of IT & Ecommerce, was responsible for a multi-million-dollar digital marketing and ecommerce operation.

Master of Business Administration
B.S. in Business Management
A.A. in Computer Science

Google Ads: Search, Shopping, Display, and Mobile
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads

Megan Deppner

Chief Operating Officer

Meg has 20 years of experience leading cross-functional teams, 15 years of which managing corporate-level projects in marketing, communications, organizational development, and corporate strategy. She first joined Psyberware in 2012 as an Ecommerce Manager to launch and manage an internal Magento site, and build-out some of the processes that we use today.

Master of Business Administration
B.S. in Recreation Management

Google Ads: Search, Shopping, Display, and Mobile
Project Management Professional

Veronica Lu

Digital Advertising Consultant

Veronica (aka “Nica”) has worked in marketing for over 10 years, most recently as a Digital Marketing Manager for a mid-sized Magento merchant. She has experience in web development, graphic design, and product management. She keeps busy in a few side projects doing local advertising, and operations for a brick-and-mortar business. She's also an avid gamer geek.

B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing

Google Ads: Search, Shopping, Display, and Video
HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Kelly Madsen

Digital Advertising Consultant

Kelly has a strong background in public policy, and worked for 5 years with statewide elected officials and the Governor of California. Her most recent experience as a Product Data Analyst made her a natural addition to our team when she joined Psyberware in 2017. Being an avid world traveler, she brings her grit and adaptability to every project.

B.A. in Political Science & Government

Google Ads: Search, Shopping, Display, and Mobile

Gigi Klaiber

Marketing Director

Gigi has nearly 20 years of experience in digital marketing and brand communications at companies from the top 10 on the Fortune 100 list to small non-profits. She has 6 years of experience directing marketing teams at two mid-sized Magento merchants, driving growth in multiple channels. She joined Psyberware in 2018.

Master of Business Administration
B.A. in Communication Design
A.A. in Liberal Arts

Google Ads: Search, Shopping, and Display


Chief Morale Officer

Pride joined Psyberware in 2002. He doesn't have any business or marketing experience whatsoever, and is by far the laziest member of the team. His skills include taking naps, eating all the snacks, entertaining himself with the laser pointer, and inserting himself into staff meetings with his unconventional ideas.

PhD in Absolutely Nothing