Ad Management

We offer comprehensive management of your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, including search, display, remarketing, shopping, and mobile optimizations.

Optimized for Maximum Profit:
We optimize your account to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Customized to Your Business Model:
We work closely with you to learn about your unique business model so we can make decisions that will produce the best results possible.

Product & Keyword Level Bidding:
We learn the nuances of your product portfolio so we can customize bids for your ads to perform well down to individual products and keywords.

Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization:
We monitor advertising performance, test strategies, and run experiments to exploit what performs best for your business.

Product Feeds

We export your product database from Magento to Google and Bing Product Feeds, format the files, and continually monitor and manage the errors so your products always show.

Connect Via Magento API:
There is no need to install and manage extensions. We log into your API and pull the product data. It is that simple and very secure.

Monitor & Manage Merchant Center:
Product feeds change all the time and errors always occur. There is no need for you to wait for extension updates, hire developers to install software, or research and fix errors yourself. We are on top of that for you.


Do you have other needs? Let us know what we can do to help. We consult in Ecommerce, Online Advertising, SEO, Analytics, and Magento.

Our Approach

Our goal is to maximize your profit while maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business. We start with a solid understanding of your unique business model, cost structure, and strategy. From there we implement only the specific digital marketing actions needed to maximize your profit. Done correctly, this process becomes a feedback loop, fine-tuned to balance the trade-offs of marginal cost and marginal revenue.