The exclusive service that we provide is ecommerce search marketing: a fully-managed Google AdWords account, continually optimized to maximize profit for ecommerce merchants. We do this by first understanding your business model, cost structure, and strategy, tie that in with real performance data, and then take the specific technical and digital marketing actions needed to optimize the performance of your online ad campaigns.

Optimized for Maximum Profit: We optimize your account to ensure that it always makes money, and that you are getting the most out of it that you possibly can.

Customized to Your Business Model: We work closely with you to learn about your unique business model so we can make bidding decisions that will result in the most profit possible.

Product & Keyword Level Bidding: We learn the nuances of your product portfolio so we can customize bids for your ads to perform well down to individual products and keywords.

Continual Monitoring & Optimization: We continually monitor advertising performance, test strategies, and run experiments to exploit what performs best.

Online advertising results can be a rich source of information about what your customers are searching for, what your competitors are doing, and what new trends are emerging in your industry. As we improve your business growth through AdWords, we will gladly share any valuable information that we learn.


Our goal is to maximize your profit while maintaing a healthy cash flow for your business. We start with a solid understanding of your unique business model, products, cost structure, and strategy. From there we work forward and implement only the specific technical and digital marketing actions needed to maximize your profit.