You're About To Spend a Lot More on AdWords (and it's going to be worth it)

Presented by David Deppner at Meet Magento Poland, September 19, 2016

This presentation explores the evolution of AdWords over the past decade and a half, diving into the key factors that are pushing up costs steadily over time. We'll discuss how Google's self interest and how they've structure the market lead to an inevitable rise in costs for everyone involved. But most importantly, we examine what ecommerce merchants can do to take advantage of these trends to thrive and grow.

3 Reasons AdWords Performance Varies Over Time

by David Deppner, August 12, 2016

It’s important to not worry too much about the variation that occurs in AdWords account performance from month to month, and instead to focus on longer-term improvements. In the short run, there are always variations in the results from month to month. What matters is the underlying trend, and how that’s doing over time. There are a lot of things that push performance up a bit or down a bit that have nothing to do with AdWords, or how the account is being managed... Read More

Driving Success from Magento 1 to Magento 2: A B2B Migration

Presented by David Deppner at MagentoLive UK, June 20, 2016

This presentation offers a business perspective on managing your Magento 2 upgrade project, and when to get started (spoiler alert: start now!). David speaks from a merchant point of view to illustrate why you may want to move to Magento 2 early, how to evaluate the tradeoffs between risks and rewards, when to use developers, and managing the complexity of a project like this.

Why Return on Ad Spend Bidding Kills Ecommerce Profit

by David Deppner, April 29, 2016

Before I explain why ROAS kills profit, you need to understand exactly what ROAS means in Google AdWords. I have a complaint about the nomenclature as well as the math. Return on Ad Spend is a term the folks at Google can define however they want. They have defined it as “sales divided by ad spend”. But in finance, return is widely understood to mean the profit returned in addition to the initial investment... Read More

Magento 2 API Response Field Filtering

by David Deppner, February 11, 2016

I recently got started with some work integrating some older systems with Magento 2 using their new REST API. Right at the top of the Getting Started with Magento 2 APIs Introduction there's a list of features, including this one... Read More

Should You Target A Certain CPA in AdWords?

by David Deppner, February 2, 2016

In a word, “No!” In two words, “Hell no!" In eight words, “No, because of the law of diminishing returns." Here’s why…

CPA, or Cost-Per-Acquisition, is a metric based on averages. It’s simply the average cost per conversion. If you’re not really clear on what this means for your decision making, it can lead you into making mistakes that will kill your profitability... Read More

Your ROI From AdWords Is Higher Than You Think

by David Deppner, November 9, 2015

Direct response advertising through AdWords probably has an ROI greater than any other investment opportunity available to an ecommerce merchant. It’s far greater than most people realize. The real return on investment is obscured by the way traditional cost accounting records the transactions and reports on them on a monthly basis. It’s easy to get distracted by tax accounting rules and forget the fundamentals of solid financial decision making... Read More

Magento Ransomware Linux.Encoder.1 Details

by David Deppner, November 5, 2015

Ecommerce merchants are usually very quiet about their servers getting hacked. Obviously, they face some serious legal liabilities in situations like this, and the potential for lost sales if their customers lose faith in them. This may be good for business on the one hand, but it’s really bad for business on the other. Sharing security information with people who need it helps us all. We just faced a hack that didn't impact our business in any way, so I want to share it to help other people. I hope it's useful to other merchants... Read More

Merchants Need to Take Magento 2 Seriously

by David Deppner, October 7, 2015

I’m working on our Magento 2 upgrade right now, two months before its release. Why am I so bullish, when so many other merchants and agencies are taking a “wait and see” approach? Risk and return. It’s that simple... Read More Magento Security Scanner

by David Deppner, September 26 2015

I recently discovered the great little gem. Pop in your Magento store URL and hit 'Scan' and it will check for known security issues that can be determined by hitting your website. The great thing is that, since it was released, the authors have expanded it to add additional checks, and there's every reason to believe they'll continue to update it in the future as new vulnerabilities are discovered.

This is a great way to figure out if your Magento site has security holes, and if so, what patches you need to apply. Check it out:

What Magento Patches Should I Apply?

by David Deppner, September 14 2015

Another wonderful Magento security resource! This spreadsheet lists Magento CE and EE versions and shows which patches need to be applied to keep your store secure. Note that there are separate tabs for Enterprise Edition and Community Edition at the bottom. Make sure you pick the right one, as CE is not the same as EE Check it out: Magento Security Patch List

Review of TrustPilot and AdWords Seller Ratings

by David Deppner, July 12 2015

We implemented the TrustPilot review system this year. When evaluating review systems, there were a lot of claims of how great they were. But it was difficult to really know what the impact would be, and costs varied wildly. Our primary aim was to increase clicks on our Google AdWords ads, but clearly there was no way to know the outcome in advance. Would it be worth it?... Read More